Yoplait® Original Yogurt Variety Pack of Strawberry and Harvest Peach 8 - 6.0 oz Cups

4 - Strawberry. 4 - Harvest Peach. 99% fat free. Vitamins A & D. 170 calories per serving. Grade A. Box Tops for Education. Yoplait Original, with over 20 delicious flavors. Each made with natural colors and flavors. No high fructose corn syrup! Yoplait it is so good! LAC (Meets National Yogurt Association Criteria for Live and Active Culture Yogurt): Live and active cultures. Download Collection Sheets at: btfe.com/collectmore. Gluten free. High in calcium with active yogurt cultures including L. acidophilus. Comments? Save cup, lid and call 1-800-967-5248 (M-F 7:30-5:30 CT) or visit Yoplait.com. Plastic Cups: Check locally (Not recycled in all communities). how2recycle.info.