Blue Horizon Wild Crab Bites, New England

Premium. Wild caught. All natural ingredients. Gluten-free. Good alternative for sustainability. Omega-3s (Contains approx. 106 mg of omega-3 fatty acids per serving.). All natural. We make our crab bites using fresh Jonah Crab caught off the coast of New England. That's right - fresh not frozen crab. We just add spices, roll them in a light, gluten-free crust, and flash freeze them for an incredibly sweet, delicious taste crab lovers will love. Clean Living: We keep our Crab Bites uncomplicated. We use wild crab from the icy Atlantic that does not contain sulfites or tripolyphosphates. We never use preservatives, fillers, trans fats or anything artificial. They are also wheat-free/gluten-free! Wild vs Farmed: While there is a lot of discussion around the topic, there's really no comparison. In terms of taste, nutrition and environmental impact, wild seafood from sustainably-managed fisheries is the best option when it comes to choosing your seafood. The Source: Jonah Crab is found in deep waters and rocky bottoms, 50-100 miles off the New England coast. Jonah Crab populations have held steady for the past 50 years and are defined as a good alternative for sustainability by the Monterey Bay Aquarium's Seafood Watch Program. We are working with the crabbers to use special whale safe lines and traps, to minimize impact on the delicate ocean habitat. Because fishermen only keep adult males, Jonah Crab populations are not currently at risk and will be around for many future generations to enjoy. The Company: Blue Horizon Wild is dedicated to healthy oceans and healthy people. We use only wild, sustainably harvested, premium-grade seafood, and we support smaller, artisan fisheries that help rebuild native fish populations, which leads to healthier oceans and healthier seafood options for you! On the Boat: We are fortunate to source our wild Jonah Crab from independent fishermen like Captain Billy Purpell. Everything in our ocean is connected. If the population of one fish species shrinks rapidly, all other species feel the effects. We must help maintain the delicate balance of life. - Billy Purpell, Crab Boat Captain. Questions or comments? Call: 1-800-54-Foods. Made in USA.