Convenient 6 pack (3- 2 packs inside) with reclosable lids. Healthy eating habits start early. Each single pack is an excellent source of Vitamin C, and gives your baby 2 full servings of fruits (a guide for 1 serving of fruit for an older baby = about 3 tablespoons [USDA Child and Adult Care Food Program). Follow your baby's appetite cues.) Just 2-1/2 packs of fruits and vegetables add up to the 5-a-day nutritionists recommend to help promote good health. Start healthy, stay healthy. 5 a day the color way. Eat a colorful variety of fruits & vegetables every day! Fruits and veggies are so important for a healthy diet that nutritionists recommend at least 5 servings a day, and Gerber makes that easy: For your older baby: 5 servings = 2-1/2 packs. Naturelock (Made with Naturelock ingredients. The unique Naturelock Cooking Process captures more of the goodness nature intended). No artificial flavors, colors or preservatives.