Gerber Good Start Infant Formula, Soy, Soy Based Liquid, With Iron, Concentrated, 0-12 Mo.

Must add water. For complete nutrition. Milk-free & lactose-free. Nutri Protect. CE - A - zinc. Birth plus. For babies 0 - 12 months. Unique gentle soy proteins for easy digestion. Soy based for fussiness & gas. DHA & ARA for brain & eye development. Complete nutrition to support healthy growth. Specially made with nutrients found in breastmilk. Why you will love soy. Nutriprotect - supports healthy growth, includes a blend of antioxidant vitamins C & E, zinc and vitamin A for natural immune system support. Only Gerber has 100% Gentle Soy Proteins. We take the extra step to break down the soy proteins into smaller pieces to be easy to digest. We call them Gentle Soy Proteins. Designed milk-free and lactose-free to help avoid spit-up, fussiness and gas due to lactose or milk intolerance. Start your child on a course to healthy nutrition. 24/7 infant feeding experts. Our staff of experts, including registered dietitians can answer your questions about nutrition and feeding (800) 718-5773 - Visit for how to videos. Good Start is a routine soy formula brand containing partially hydrolyzed soy proteins. If you suspect your baby is prone to allergy, use only under a doctor's supervision. Made in USA.