Starbucks Ground Coffee—Medium Roast Coffee—Fall Blend—100% Arabica—Limited Edition—1 bag (10 oz)

Explore all of fall with Starbucks Fall Blend medium roast ground coffee. It's everything you love about your favorite season in a cup with hearty spice notes. Specially crafted for crisp autumn days where hayrides, pumpkin patches and harvest festivals are as eagerly anticipated as a freshly brewed cup of coffee. Combining some of the finest coffees from all three growing regions, this full-bodied blend returns for another harvest season. Beans from Sumatra lend the autumn touch of fresh spice notes, coffees from Africa add bright notes of citrus and Latin American beans offer balance with a delicate hint of toasted nuts. A hearty cup for the crisp days to come.​ Whether you take your coffee black or like to add sugar or creamer, this fall seasonal will please your senses. But hurry, this harvest season favorite is only here for a limited time. Nestlé uses Starbucks trademarks under license.