Diet Coke Ginger Lime Diet Soda Pop Soft Drink, Fridgepack, 12 fl oz, 12 Pack

This is nothing like your regular Diet Coke. Sure, it’s that crisp taste you’ve grown to love, but it’s got a bold flavor combination that takes it to the extraordinary. See, when you mix flavors like ginger and lime with the unique taste of Diet Coke, you get a drink unlike any other diet soda out there. You get Diet Coke Ginger Lime, a new everyday wing (wo)man. Yes, the exciting tastes of ginger and lime will knock you out of your seat. Yes, you’ll love it. And yes, it’s still the diet drink that you want every day for an exciting, eventful, flavorful boost—only now, it’s a diet cola with just the right amount of lime and ginger flavor. It’s so crisp, it’ll knock your socks off and make you say, “where have you been all my life?” Diet Coke has no sugar and no calories in each serving. And, it comes in flavor options including Ginger Lime and Feisty Cherry. But at the end of the day, no matter what you decide you’re in the mood for, it’s the diet soft drink you know you can turn to. Because it’s an original, just like you. Oh yeah, and it’s incredibly refreshing. Always.