Carr's Oat & Creme Crunchy Biscuit Vanilla Creme

Carr's® Oat & Creme Vanilla Creme Crunchy Biscuit. City of Carlisle Carr's biscuit manufactures since 1831. Naturally flavored. Rolled oats & whole wheat crunchy biscuit with a delicious lightly whipped vanilla creme filling. The story of Carr's began during the British industrial revolution when Jonathan Dodgson Carr set up a small bakery in the city of Carlisle, England in 1831. Production first began with Carr's table water crackers. Carr's table water was originally used by sailors on long voyages. Carr's has over 180 years of baking experience and expertise. We are delighted to share with you this range of delicious Carr's cookies. Enjoyed Carr's oat & vanilla creme, then why not try the rest of our range Do taste the raspberry jam and smooth creme in jam & creme, the rich crepes of golden rolls or the shortcake cookie packed with zante currants in fruit shortcake. Carr's, golden rolls. Carr's, jam & creme, naturally flavored, shortcake biscuit filled with delicious raspberry naturally flavored jam & smooth creme. Carr's, fruit shortcake. Carr's cookies. We are sure you will enjoy Carr's oat & creme vanilla cookies. Oat and whole wheat vanilla creme biscuit. No artificial flavors or colors. Visit for information on recipes and products. Phone us at 1-877-745-9833 write to P.O. Box CAMB, Battle Creek, MI 49016-1986. The council of the city of Carlisle Coat of Arms is granted to United Biscuits (UK) limited under licence. ® registered trademark of United Biscuits (UK) Limited.