Lindt EXCELLENCE Intense Orange Dark Chocolate Candy Bar, Dark Chocolate with Orange and Almond Slivers, 3.5 oz. Bar

Dive into the refined richness of Lindt EXCELLENCE Orange Dark Chocolate Bar with all your senses. This full-bodied dark chocolate features the rich color of dark chocolate, the fruity flavor of orange and the crunch of almond slivers. The sophisticated flavors in this dark chocolate candy bar make this gourmet chocolate the perfect pairing with after-dinner drinks. Give these premium dark chocolate bars as a gift to your favorite chocolate connoisseur. This Lindt dark chocolate bar comes portioned into bite size squares, ensuring balanced complexity in each bite. Lindt chocolate is masterfully crafted using the highest-quality ingredients from world-renowned regions, embodying the passion and craftsmanship of Lindt Master Chocolatiers.