Xlear Sinus Rinse 50-6 g Packets

6 gram packets. The power 3X with Xylitol. Allergies. Colds. Flu. Relief. Free rinse bottle details inside $10 value. alleviates congestion. For all rinse bottles and neti pots. Alleviates congestion due to. Cold symptoms. Allergies. Nasal dryness. Flu symptoms. Sinus pressure. Nasal irritation. The power of Xylitol saline solutions can cause irritation, dryness and burning. The addition of xylitol helps soothe, moisturize and alleviate the burning, while cleansing nasal and sinuses passages. Xlear sinus rinse reduces bacterial adhesion and more effectively thins the mucus to get rid of contaminants-faster. Xlear has longer lasting health benefits when compared to saline alone. Recommended by physicians, ENT’s, allergists, and other healthcare professionals worldwide. Longer lasting without the burn. Complete instructions inside. 2 grams of salt and sodium bicarbonate, with the added benefits of 4 grams of Xylitol. Other brands. 2 grams of salt and sodium bicarbonate, no Xylitol. A more effective solution. More soothing, no burn. Alleviates the primary cause of congestion, saline alone doesn’t it’s more effective. We make America’s best selling natural xylitol nasal spray. Clinical study of the effects of xylitol on certain bacteria found in the nasal passages revealed the following. Reduction of bacteria. Strep pneumo. H. Influenzae. M. Catarrhalis. Strep pneumo, H. Influenzae and M. Catarrhalis have a reduced ability to adhere to nasal epithelial cells tero kontiokari-univ. Oulu, Finland (J. Of anti. Chemo, 98 No. 41). 35% Increase in airflow. Bellanti, J.A., Nsouli, T.M. Xylitol nasal irrigation, A possible alternative strategy for the management of chronic rhinosinusitis, oral abstract No. 46. ACAAI conference: 9/10/15. Whether you suffer from congestion due to allergies, hay fever, flu, a cold, or airborne irritants and pollutants, the Xlear sinus care system has the right product for you. Also available our convenient Xlear nasal sprays for daily relief. 50 sinus rinse packers. More effective than the leading brand.